Let me explain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Currently balancing the task of designing and maintaining the Eastern Connecticut State University site on my shoulders.

Graduated from the afore mentioned university back in 2004... Nice of them to eventually get around to employing me, I thought.

In between, I worked on everything from vendor websites to magazine layouts, business logos to IRA rollover forms, for everyone from farm owners to expats, from consulting firms to charities.

Skill Set

A story about a man, some code, and designing by committee.

the Old vs. the New

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When I was a young warthog designer...

Now, obviously, this isn't all of my previous work. I have a portfolio full of stuff I've done in my free time and stuff I've done professionally, along with stuff I've done for school and stuff I've done just for friends.

However, if we're all being honest here, most of my older stuff is a bit... juvenile. So here are the things I'm not completely embarassed by... all, like, 5 of them.